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And as a result the editorial team behind Newsday and Asia Business Report is refreshing the Monday to Friday breakfast shows. Clearly, there's been a slowdown in growth from being plus 7 to below 7 per cent growth. Analyst David Cohen, of research group Action Economics, said he now expected other East Asian nations to also release upbeat economic figures for April to June.

Domestic consumption is not picking up, so analysts say the worst may not be over yet. Luxury resort On that Thursday afternoon inLeeson left the office and took the next available flight to Kuala Lumpur with his wife Lisa, where they checked into the five-star Regent Hotel.

Beginnings in radio Mediacorp was initially founded as the British Malaya Broadcasting Corporation, which was awarded a broadcasting license by the British crown in The succeeding generation is also being placed in senior executive roles 53 per cent in Singapore versus 38 per cent in the APAC region and 36 per cent in terms of global businesses.

We think that the Chinese government will be able to manage the Chinese economy. Ng Siew Quan, Asia-Pacific and Singapore entrepreneurial and private business leader at PwC says that "The biggest challenge standing in the way of family businesses thriving in Singapore today and into the future is the lack of formalized processes in areas of mid-term strategic planning.

On the basis of the Radio Malaya broadcasters that moved to Kuala Lumpur inRadio Singapore took over the year after as the State radio service, with 3 radio stations each airing in English, Mandarin and Malay.

This is also tied to their strategic competencies including mitigating risk and challenges, digitalization and innovation, and succession planning. Did you find this story helpful. Mr Pereira acknowledged that his clients "have done business with North Korean entities To stop further economic losses due to competition with each other, SPH agreed to be merged with Mediacorp on 17 September That aligns frankly very nicely with Australia's interests as well.

At the same time, MediaCorp was granted the license to distribute the daily tabloid Today. As the Indonesia correspondent, she covered daily news stories including the July Jakarta bombings and the five-year anniversary of the Aceh tsunami.

Asia Business Report

Out of the businesses that were part of the survey, only a meager 8 per cent seemed to have a formal, detailed and well-communicated succession plan as compared to 12 per cent in the region and 15 per cent out the family businesses in the world.

On 1 February of the same year, SBC celebrated its 30 years of television broadcasting. From 3 April, it regularly broadcast in English and Malay. As prime minister, Mr Lee has launched policies to build a competitive economy, introducing new programmes to upgrade the education system, investing in research and development and transforming the city-state.

While family-run businesses help in preserving the culture and tradition of an economy, they need to be able to evolve in time with the rest of the businesses. I'm not a pessimist on China. A former army officer and Cambridge-educated mathematician, he followed his father into politics in at the age of They had been operating in a bull market for the past decade and everyone had been raking in a fortune.

The essential business news live from Singapore. India's rural areas count on a good monsoon season.

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There is growing optimism in India's rural areas after a good monsoon. BBC Asia Business Correspondent Karishma Vaswani: Thank you, Minister, for joining us for this interview.

What Singapore Gains from Hosting Trump-Kim summit?

You met with both President Trump and Chairman Kim last night. You met with both President Trump and Chairman Kim last night. Dec 05,  · Mediacorp Pte Ltd, better known as Mediacorp, is a group of commercial media companies in Singapore, with business interests in television and radio broadcasting, interactive media, and, to a lesser extent, print publishing and filmmaking.

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Asia Business Report

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RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS FORUM ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 22 — 24 NOVEMBER MARINA BAY SANDS, SINGAPORE EVENT REPORT 21 "Within Asia, it is clear that there is a gender priority even though it remains unspoken," Holy Ranaivozanany Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Huawei “Governments and businesses have to report.

Bbc asia business report singapore
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