Physics ball drop lab report

In this experiment you dropped balls through the air, but what happens when you drop them through something else, such as through water. Repeat the experiment with the ramp at a higher angle.

Physics free fall lab question?

Be as specific as you can…there are at least 4 transfers. This made my data more precise because in the Slow Mo camera we could see the videos a few time and if we thought the ball fell on different heights we could get some else opinion to see which answer was right and we are also able to zoom in on the video to clear our doubts.

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Both of these will give rise to measured times which are longer than the time during which the ball is in free-fall.

Get Price The bounce of a ballSchool of Physics The bounce of a ball Rod Cross Physics Department, a steel ball bearing, ting the ball compression as a function of applied force for a Get Price Maximum Range LabPhysics Maximum Range Lab Teacher's included with data points accurately plotted to show range as a function of angle above the horizontal.

Science Efficient Of A Bouncing Ball Lab Report

The apparatus will be set up for you. Line up the free-fall adapter so that the sphere hits the floor switch when it is released.

Ball Drop Science Projects

This experiment provides an opportunity to discuss experimental design and how it can be used to reduce or eliminate errors. Be careful to avoid parallax error in this measurement. Now, click this button below to view your filled out worksheet. Students will need extra columns in their results tables to allow for this.

Report Question 2 Within the limits of your experimental accuracy, is momentum conserved during the collision. To conduct this thought experiment, tie a large ball to a smaller ball.

Physicist Physicists have a big goal in mind—to understand the nature of the entire universe and everything in it.

Another approach is to consider how this experiment can be analyzed to reduce the systematic errors. In the future I could minimize this problem by using a tripod and the would eliminate the problem.

If you like this project, you might enjoy exploring these related careers: We can find all this out using apps like excel and numbers either one works. Go up Problem The purpose of this investigation is to find the relationship between drop height and the coefficient of restitution of various sports balls.

If an object has a COR of exactly zero, this means that all the energy was lost during the collision. To see this transfer of energy, drop several different types of balls onto the ground from the same height and see how high each type of ball rebounds.

Measure the height that the ball will fall from the adapter to the floor switch. The new method uses the standard deviation. What kind of energy does the ball have at point B just before it bounced hit the floor. You may need to make the distance of fall larger, or move the flap so that the ball strikes it further from the hinge.

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You can also notice this in my graph because it is a line which always goes up, never down. If it says "Stop," leave it alone. All the other calculation were done like this. If a cue ball were to squarely hit another ball of the exact same mass, all of the kinetic energy could be transferred to the second ball and cause the cue ball to stop when it collides with the second ball while the second ball moves forward.

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Example experiment report for PHYS L Department of Physics, Purdue University, degisiktatlar.comtte, IN In the first part of the experiment a kg solid aluminum ball was dropped down from different floors of a story building and fall times were measured by a stop watch.

The. The theory underlying this experiment is that the effects of gravity can be determined by observing objects in freefall, and using standard equations of physics (Equations 1), an approximate value of Z g can be calculated. Report abuse. Transcript of Free Fall lab Then we attached a Golf ball to the magnetic drop box.

we then dropped the golf ball onto the "ToF" accessory. we recorded the time and repeated the process with the plastic ball and the yellow acceleration of a free falling ball is the acceleration of gravity to the experimental accuracy. 57 Lab 5: Projectile Motion Figure As the cannon ball in the upper picture travels a parabolic path, it gains velocity due to gravity.

You can see that the space between successive “snapshots” of the ball gets gradually larger. Physics Lab: Measuring the acceleration due to gravity. Objective: to determine the acceleration due to gravity near the earth’s surface Release the ball and record the drop time. Repeat 2 more times and calculate/record the average for that ball and height.

3) Repeat the procedure at the same height with the large diameter. Chabot College Physics – Hildreth Determining the Acceleration of Gravity Experiment 1: Simple Free-Fall Procedure: 1.

Measure the height the ball falls from the .

Physics ball drop lab report
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